News / Baptist World Aid – Christmas Appeal – PNKS Cambodia

This year our BWA Christmas Appeal is for Ponleu Ney Kdey Sangkhum (PNKS).  This is a Community Development project in Cambodia.

Ponleu Ney Kdey Sangkhum (PNKS), or “Light of Hope” in English is a Christian Cambodian Organisation with the mission to bring hope and freedom to people in their target areas.

The Project Activities:
-Agriculture and livelihoods work – Addressing food insecurity, through training people in improved agricultural practices and resilient agricultural techniques.
– Health – Focusing in particular on encouraging improved hygiene and sanitation, increasing access to clean water, reducing the threat of diseases such as dengue and HIV/AIDS, and supporting people living with a disability.
-Effective governance – PNKS works with community-based development groups to buiild their understanding and skills in responding to social issues of youth unemployment, safe migration, domestic violence and conflict resolution, and in facilitating community change.

Please place your gifts or credit card information in the envelopes provided and put in the Church Offering or box in the foyer.  If you require a receipt for tax purposes please include your details.  Everything we collect through the Christmas Day offering will go to this Appeal.