News / Baptist Drought Appeal Update

Last week the Baptist Association of NSW and ACT launched a ‘Drought Response Appeal’ to raise funds to assist communities impacted by drought and help regional churches in their work with those most impacted.

We are happy to announce that in just over one week over $45,000 has been contributed!

This is a great effort and a generous initial response to a dire situation.  We have been able to commit an initial amount of funding for churches in our most impacted regions to utilise.  However, I believe that this could be just the beginning of a significant wave of support.


As part of this appeal, we would also encourage you to visit the webpage and write a message of encouragement or a prayer for those affected by the drought. These messages will be passed onto farmers through their local church showing drought-affected communities are in the thoughts and prayers of the broader Baptist community. Many of these encouraging messages have already been received and will be passed onto the churches before Sunday 9th September, when we gather across our movement to pray for those impacted by the drought.