Ministries / Youth and Young Adults

What are we all about?

“Our youth and young adult community is on a mission to seek and disciple the lost in our generation and to play our part in promoting His justice.”

We are utterly convinced of two things. Firstly, we are convinced that Jesus wants us to live a life to the full with him (John 10:10). Secondly, we are convinced that this life involves us sharing it with him, enjoying it with each other and partnering with him inlove-motivated service. Here are some of the ways we seek to live that life:


Immerse for Young Adults (ages 16 and older)

Every Wednesday night from 7:30-9:00pm 5-15 of our young adults meet in the church’s “Centre” building. Each fortnight we swap between Immerse ourselves in Scripture and Immersing ourselves in worship and prayer. Our Scripture weeks are times of in-depth study where we exegete a passage together, hear some reflections from the leader and then have group application discussions in table groups. On a typical worship and prayer night we will gather around for organic music (anyone is welcome to pick up an instrument) and hear a testimony, before we spent a good chunk of time praying in groups together for God’s work in our lives.

The Table for Youth (school grades 6-12)          

Jesus calls us to make disciples and so that is what our youth ministry is all about – discipleship and mentoring. Fortnightly on Sundays from 2:30-4pm a group of 20+ youth and leaders with Aussie, Chinese and Korean background (and more) gather together in the church’s “Centre” building. As we arrive each week we start all together to catch up, have some junk food and play a game. Once we are all there we pray together as a group before we split up into our “table groups” (discipleship groups). In these groups we do some Bible teaching and talk practically about what God is saying to us and what we are going to do about it. We also have irregular weeks where instead of meeting we have a special youth service together, or a special social event (like rock climbing or a talent show). We would love any youth and any interested friends to come and check things out, but ultimately this is a program for getting serious about how Jesus changes our lives.


Interested? Want more info?

Contact our Youth and Young Adult Pastor:

Dan Waugh – email: [email protected] mobile: 0433 029 455