About / Mission

Mission involves spreading God’s good news to others.  This is the responsibility of every believer, but differs according to gifting and opportunity.  Not everyone can go to other nations, so we support those who do go and serve God in other cultures, along-side the churches there.

We want our church to be salt and light in our Carlingford community, in NSW  and our nation, as well as other parts of the world.  That will involve sharing the God’s with others and helping to make our world a better place in which to live.

Involvement in our local community includes :

  • Religious Education classes in schools
  • Playtime groups, girls & boys brigades and youth programs.
  • Outreach within the Mandarin and Korean communities.
  • Gospel Explained courses
  • English conversation classes

Wider involvement across our city and nation

  • Ministries to refugees, families of people in prison and the disadvantaged
  • Scripture Union Family Missions and Power to Change school & university student ministries

Globally our church supports work in South East Asia and Bangladesh through financial and practical expressions of our love and through regular prayer.  During May we highlight the work of our overseas projects and mission partners.  At Christmas we remember the needs of people in developing countries assisted by Baptist World Aid and partner organizations.  Members are encouraged to be involved in short or long-term opportunities to share the good news across cultures through Christian missionary agencies.